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Dark Soul

The DARK SOUL SPIN 662L - a rod that moves faster than its shadow!

Our Dark Soul Spin 662L is a true versatile talent, thanks to its quick and refined action. With its 1.98m length, it's one of the shorter predator fishing rods, perfect for fishing in hard-to-reach spots and from boats. Its light casting weight of just 4-16 grams allows for easy casting of lighter artificial baits such as jigs, spinners, and many others. Built on the proven NET-V III carbon blank, the Dark Soul Spin 662L has a stiff backbone and a delicate tip. The high-quality Fuji Alconite guide set ensures longevity and robustness, perfectly distributed through extensive engineering. The guides and the futuristic designed handle enable phenomenal casting distances. Casting with it is always a true pleasure!

It efficiently transmits the most delicate bites of suspicious predatory fish without compromise, enhancing the effectiveness of perch fishing and more. The design is visually stunning and sophisticated. The subtle red decorative bindings create a discreet effect, adding to the model's elegance.

For strong bass and ultra-light pike fishing, the Dark Soul Spin 662L is a true SUPER rod!

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